The Liger (left -male, right - female) is more common than the tigon because the mating
process is easier.The liger has both stripes and spots. The stripes are inherited from its
tiger parent and the spots from the lion parent. Ligers are usually orangish /golden in color.
However, there have been white tigers bred with lions to produce a very light golden coat
on the offspring. If the hybrid offspring is a male, it will have a leonine mane, but it will not
be as large and defined as a normal lion's mane. The liger gets most of its strength and size
from both of its parents; this makes the liger possibly the largest cat in the world! On their
hind legs, ligers stand approximately 12 feet tall. At most, ligers may weigh up to 1,000
pounds. Ligers make the sound of both a lion and a tiger, although their roar tends to sound
more like a lion's roar. The Liger is the result of breeding a female Tiger to a male Lion.
Parentage >
Mother - Tiger (tigress).

Father - Lion (lion).

The Tigon (Tiglon or Tion) is very rare, only a few exist in the world
and those are held only by private owners. This is because it is much
more difficult to get the male tiger to mate with the female lion. Tigons
look very similar to ligers. They have varying stripes and spots. Tigons
are also orangish in color. Males may have a mane, but will be very
modest. They are able to produce both lion and tiger sounds when
they roar. One difference between tigons and ligers is their size. Tigons
are not nearly as large as ligers. In fact, tigons are often times smaller
than both of their parents. The lifespan of tigons, as well as other hybrid
animals, is shorter than a normal species. The animals seem prone to
cancers and other illnesses. The Tigon is the result of breeding a male
Tiger to a female Lion.
Parentage >
Mother - Lion (lioness).

Father - Tiger (tiger).

The Ti-Liger is a compound hybrid
and is the result of breeding a male
Tiger to a female Liger (hybrid).
Parentage >
Mother - Liger.

Father - Tiger.

Left - This Picture illustrates how large Ligers can grow to be.

In tigers, the males contribute the genes that limit growth and in lions, the females contribute those genes. When a female tiger, and a male lion produce a liger, they have no genes to limit their growth, they just keep growing their whole lives. When a male tiger and a female lion produce a tigon, they are much smaller than their parents because they have two sets of growth limiting genes.

A Siberian Liger

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